Services We Specialize In

Auditing & Security
Corporate and government agencies administer strict guidelines for any business performing certain data and monetary transactions. RTS determines which security measures are necessary to comply and implements the appropriate solutions.

Computer Troubleshooting & Repair
Whether it is a decade old terminal or custom-built workstation, RTS provides diagnostic services to resolve most hardware and software issues.

Data Protection & Disaster Recovery
Data protection is imperative to a successful business, regardless of its size. Inadequate security measures could be catastrophic both financially and operationally. RTS provides a variety of software suites to keep your data protected against internal and external threats.

Network Design, Support, Management & Monitoring
Networks are the backbones that keep the world connected. Information is shared across the world in seconds and establishing secure connections for communication is a top priority. RTS offers a full range of network services including: hardware and servers, 24-hour monitoring, and periodic check-ups by qualified engineers.

Technical User Training
Technological advancements are introduced at and exceedingly faster rate. Selecting the proper innovation increases efficiency and potential for growth. RTS determines business needs and provides seminars to keep users informed about the latest trends and how to incorporate them seamlessly into the workplace and home.

Vendor Management
Difficulties can arise with the large variety of products and services available today. Vendors often use proprietary jargon and explaining company needs is often confusing. RTS works as a liaison to IT vendors such as: Internet service providers, networking equipment vendors, hardware manufacturers, and software companies.